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The Evron R. Hughes Foundation For Enterprise's ERH STEM Fellowship is aimed at nurturing young Ghanaians in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The Fellowship, which is full-time, is for a 12-month period combining Internships, Mentorship, Project Work and access to Start-Up Labs and Events worth thousands of cedis in addition to a monthly stipend. The project work will cover the development or refinement of concepts towards a fundable business plan in the sciences and technology, including devices, applications and services. Entry is open to young Ghanaians not more than 25 years old and who would have completed their National Service not more than two years before assumption of the Fellowship. 

As a first step to being considered for a Fellowship, fill the form below, upload the required "Personal Statement," and click on "Submit" to submit your application. Remember, your Personal Statement must not exceed one A4 page and must be in PDF Format.